Friday, March 26, 2010

Handmade Plush Dolls, Featured Artist

Norma Andreu a.k.a. Cara Carmina

My name is Norma Andreu and I´m from Mexico City now living in Montreal. I'm a painter and an illustrator and more recently a textile artist!!! who loves children's books. Cara Carmina is my dream, a place where I create and dream. All my Dolls are handmade by me and have been featured in, Stampington & Company's Stuffed Magazine Winter 2010 & Art Doll Quarterly's Spring 2010 issues. My dolls are now at the boutique of the Museum of Fine Arts of Montréal, in the Library of Verdun and the boutique gallery Perfide in Montreal.

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  1. Yeap! that´s me!!!! :) (thaaaaanks so much for featuring me in your blog!!!!) applauses!!!!

    a big hug for you !